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Episode 22 (LIVE!) - Kicking Bishop Brennan Up the Arse

LIVE EPISODE! We broadcast live from the Fenderesky Gallery on Belfast's North Street during Culture Night Belfast 2016 in front of an adorning audience and streamed to Facebook Live. All with the obligatory Craggy Island production values! After losing the bet to Dick Byrne in the Over 75s Football Challenge in the last episode, Ted has to kick Bishop Brennan up the arse to satisfy his forfeit. Dougal is on hand to document the kicking with photographic evidence, while Jack and Mrs Doyle have their own way of dealing with the world's most sarcastic priest. Subscribe now to get a new episode every Sunday morning - just in time for Mass! Subscribe on iTunes ( or search for Father Ted on your favourite podcast provider and leave a comment on our Facebook page

Episode 12 - The Plague

DJ and musician Graham Harrison has to cure The Plague befalling Craggy Island, as the whole place is coming down with rabbits and Ted and Dougal desperately search for a ways to get rid of them - on the eve of Bishop Brennan's impromptu visit! Mrs Doyle puts her mechanic skills to use on Len's car, while Jack confuses his rodents. 

Also in the Sermon, we try to imagine the Islanders as characters on Police Academy, rabbit stories - cute AND creepy, which fictional serial killer Tom is most like and did Father Ted invent a horror trope? It's just a bad dream, Your Grace.