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Fundraising Quizzes for C.L.G./Sitting Up for Michael: The Gateway Reading 30 March

In addition to the crowd funding campaign we have running on Zequs at the minute, in order to top up our budget for C.L.G./Sitting Up for Michael, we are putting on a series of fundraising quizzes in and around London.

The first of these quizzes is on this coming Monday 24th February in The Old Tiger's Head in Lee Green (Facebook event page).

We have just confirmed that there will also be one on The Gateway Bar in Reading - a great little pub less than five minutes walk from Reading station - on Sunday March 30th.

We all love a good quiz, especially James, who has set the fiendishly hard questions, like what is the capital of Ireland?

There'll be other tidbits of fun too, and of course, prizes to be won.

As mentioned there'll be other quizzes dotted around London, which we'll be announcing in the coming days, so keep a look out for the one that's closest to you.

C.L.G./Sitting Up for Michael is playing in the White Bear Theatre from 8-27 April 2014. Tickets (£14/£10 -no booking fee) are on sale now.