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Belfast-based Father Ted Podcast Wants to Hear Fans' Favourite Episode

I am the host of Ecumenical Matters - The Father Ted Podcast which has been releasing episodes on a weekly basis since May and we are coming up to the end of our run. As part of our wrap up episode, we are have compiled a list of ten of our favourite episode and are polling fans of the show to tell us theirs. Just head to and pick your favourite (no login required!).

Ecumenical Matters is hosted by writer and actor (and Father Dougal impersonator!) James McAnespy, with different guests from some of Belfast's best artists and musicians discussing each episode of the show. The podcast has been recorded mostly in James' central Belfast flat, but he has also recorded episodes in London, the Edinburgh Festival and a live recording at Culture Night.

Guests have included street artist Friz and her husband, Gerry Norman, lead singer of A Plastic Rose, performance poet and musician Colin Hassard, Comedy duo Victoria E Armstrong and David Doherty-Jebb, as well a host of other performers and writers from Belfast and beyond.

The podcast dove right into a controversy, by responding directly to Graham Linehan's distaste of tribute shows, which presenter James is an active practitioner of. During the episode covering the seminal episode Speed 3, James played a clip from Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast, releases a day before recording and responded to the creator's complaints.

Each week we break down episodes and try to give better context for viewers - especially viewers who wouldn't be familiar with the Irish & Catholic aspects of the show. A particular example is our detailing of Bishop Brennan's first appearance, and how it was directly inspired by the scandal of the real life Bishop of Galway who had a son in America, or we provide more context for Dougal's night wear, the Ireland football jersey and why it would have been important to him in the mid 1990s. Regular features include a running count of Mrs Doyle's 'Ah Go Ons', a 'Meet your Maker' where we spot appearances of writers Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews in the show and we are trying to pick out a definitive top 5 over the course of the podcast.

The entire collection of the podcasts are available through Soundcloud (, iTunes, or your favourite podcast provider.

Episode 22 (LIVE!) - Kicking Bishop Brennan Up the Arse

LIVE EPISODE! We broadcast live from the Fenderesky Gallery on Belfast's North Street during Culture Night Belfast 2016 in front of an adorning audience and streamed to Facebook Live. All with the obligatory Craggy Island production values! After losing the bet to Dick Byrne in the Over 75s Football Challenge in the last episode, Ted has to kick Bishop Brennan up the arse to satisfy his forfeit. Dougal is on hand to document the kicking with photographic evidence, while Jack and Mrs Doyle have their own way of dealing with the world's most sarcastic priest. Subscribe now to get a new episode every Sunday morning - just in time for Mass! Subscribe on iTunes ( or search for Father Ted on your favourite podcast provider and leave a comment on our Facebook page

Ecumenical Matters - The Father Ted Podcast

Father Ted is one of the most iconic shows in Irish TV history, or as James McAnespy put it while hosting the latest episode of Ecumenical Matters - The Father Ted Podcast, it is now an artefact of Irish culture.

In the weekly podcast, released every Sunday (just in time for Mass), James gathers a new guest or two from Northern Ireland's rich arts scene to do a full run down of each episode of the legendary show. Previous guests have been poet Colin Hassard (find his work here), games streamer Vincent Kettle (@flimosh on, vlogger Derm McGuigan (Youtube channel), improv artist Marcus Keeley (@MarcusKeeley) and many more.

There are nine episodes available, with more to follow each week, so check out the full set on SoundCloud, or subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, aCast, PodcastAddict or your favourite podcast platform.

In Episode 9 - Tentacles of Doom, London Comedy Writers members Olly Allsop (Soundcloud and Jordan Birch (@JordanBirch  attend the upgrading of the Holy Stone of Clonrickert to a Class 2 Relic. Hosting three bishops on the island is going to be the highlight of Mrs Doyle's career, but unfortunately she's lost her contact lenses. Dougal philosophises on the nature of Heaven and Hell and all that, while Ted has to bring Jack through a few elocution lessons ("Th-th-th-that...").
We also share our own Gary Lineker Ghost Stories, the mechanics of Buckaroo (The Sport of Kings), and Dougal's Bjork obsession. It's a Priest thing, you wouldn't understand.