8 Reasons Why Your Wake Will Be Better Than Your Wedding.

1) Everyone will have come to see you, of their own volition.

Not because you guilt-tripped them by having it on your birthday as well.

2) You won't be paying for it.

Well you might be, but it's not like you're going to be checking your balance any time soon.

3) If any tributes are made, the jokes about you will be based on a recognisable trait of your personality, not some convenient fictional version that fits in with the rent-a-speech someone lifted off the internet.


4) Nobody's dress will upstage you

And you won't have to dress like this to make sure

5) Nobody would dare break the colour coordination

Someone didn't get the memo.

6) Everyone will be getting drunk, but you won't have to deal with any of the fallout

Not your problem!

7) You know for a fact that you'll never look this good again


8) You won't to have to pretend to like your in-laws, but they'll have to pretend to love you!

Yes you do! It's my eulogy!

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